Still Point of A Turning World: The Holy Bible.

The Bible is not a simple book. It is a library. To make it more complicated, there are several different versions of it in ancient and modern languages. Many thousands of scholars debate tiny points in thousands of different manuscripts (mss) and so there is a certain fluidity in determining what is written and what it means today.

If all that be true, how can anyone understand the Bible? Simply, God Himself will shine His light on His Own Word and all we have to do is not get hung up on the tiniest of details if thet are not relevant. This blog is going to try to explain the Bible, passage by passage, especially for the younger reader. The Bible holds the key to human life and God holds the key to the Bible. Let’s try to open it together.

I have a Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible, which gives me some knowledge of what Christians call The Old Testament. As a Bible-trained Presbyterian Pastor, I have access to the resources of the New Testament and its original Greek too. However, I am going to be looking at the Bible with prayer and respect for God and Humans, attempting to lay out precisely what I think the Bible teaches us today.

Jesus once said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” I sincerely believe that and therefore I covet the prayers of readers to help me with discernment so that this blog can be a real help to young and old in today’s broken world.